What if’s

Behind the outspoken, loud, joking person I like to portray, actually I don’t really like talking about myself much at all. The journey or plane or teds, well yes, but me, no….

But there is no more plane or teds or journey, just me lying here on ward 6.

I so much wanted the tour to go on and for me to get back home and after 8 months was looking forward to writing about flying again. But it was not to be. Now there is only me to talk about and getting home.

I feel as if i have to keep people informed, and I know I do, it’s just not easy talking about yourself when you are so embarrassed, reputation in tatters, heart broken with your life long dreams shattered.

Its very complicated out here still, with police investigations and JCAB crews. Also my health went backwards with a wound infection fever that put me out for three days. But I am now getting better again.

My head is full of, What if ‘s! But as I pity myself here, I look around the intensive care ward and amazingly seemingly find myself quite the better off of all?!

So I am getting better and thanks to the good nature and generosity of many many people friends and family around the world, through the funding, who have contributed for most of the surgery and treatment, I hope to be home in yet another week or the week after that. Time or white blood cell counts will tell.

I still need or would like the police investigators to release some none essential items. My Teddy Bears did not case the loss of engine power. So I want them to be able to come home with me, and my clothes and wash bag. So work to do.

But thank you all again. I will write once more when I am released from hospital.

If only that fairway was flat, I could have stopped in time, but I couldn’t tell from looking down on it as I approached. It was the bouncing in the air with wheels not on the ground for breaking long enough that meant I had to stuff it the bank to stop going into the club house.

Poor Fredy crawled a long way away too. He can be seen recovering in the bottom left hand corner. I have no idea how he got there.