Back home safe

Update 23rd August 2017

Hi all.
This is the last email from me, sad really personally. I wanted to get through Japan, Macau or the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Pakistan and Iran to get back to Europe and home. I did say in an article, that if I didn’t screw up, the engine didn’t quit and the Japanese got their act together, I could see no reason why I couldn’t now make it politically or physically back home. So the engine quit. Just sad. I don’t get to get my moment of joy returning home, to return the plane to where it took off and went west. I don’t get my 15 minutes of fame or my well earned moment of glory and appearance on the BBC’s One Show, like so many other adventurer’s have… Never mind.
I have returned home safely with no problems at all and I have settled back at home. It is a bitter sweet moment as its not how I would liked to have ended or paused the worldtour we were on. I am now dealing with the many issues of being away from home for a long time, but I have so many good new projects to get on with that there is no time to look back or be sad.

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So what is next?

Update 6th August

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce the start of my new and latest career. Please share on Facebook to anyone you think might like to know.
Initially and for one night only, I will appear as the warm up act for the ‘West Side Jersey Boys’, who are the band who will entertain the crowds gathered at the LAA Rally at Sywell on Saturday night 2nd September.
I would like to give a ‘No Bars’ account of my journey along with all the things that couldn’t go to print. My talks are well acclaimed and too long, but this is only for an hour, so should be bearable if it is raining outside.
This is a bold move from the LAA. Originally I had requested an hour pencilled in with the mike, as Saturday, at the LAA Rally, was supposed to be my triumphant home coming and return to the UK on this date to end my KR2 Worldtour. But as the tour is temporarily on extended hold and the hour was still pencilled in, I asked if I could still say a few words.

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                                                                                                                                       Colin Hales