Count down to my arrival back for Sywell Air Show, I hope!

So what is next?

Update 6th August

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce the start of my new and latest career. Please share on Facebook to anyone you think might like to know.
Initially and for one night only, I will appear as the warm up act for the ‘West Side Jersey Boys’, who are the band who will entertain the crowds gathered at the LAA Rally at Sywell on Saturday night 2nd September.
I would like to give a ‘No Bars’ account of my journey along with all the things that couldn’t go to print. My talks are well acclaimed and too long, but this is only for an hour, so should be bearable if it is raining outside.
This is a bold move from the LAA. Originally I had requested an hour pencilled in with the mike, as Saturday, at the LAA Rally, was supposed to be my triumphant home coming and return to the UK on this date to end my KR2 Worldtour. But as the tour is temporarily on extended hold and the hour was still pencilled in, I asked if I could still say a few words.

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Hi there Ladies and gentleman

Update 5th August 2017

I have had all the time in the world to write to everyone. Now with my laptop returned by the Police and it still works, and my sight pretty well back to normal as my scull fracture repairs, I feel as if it is the time. I have to say sorry, I didn’t and haven’t felt as if I wanted to write before. But it is rude after or all your good wishes and requests on my welfare not to write and inform you of the latest. I think the pictures say more.
It looks like I am going to walk out of hospital Monday and you would have to wonder why I was here. I feel and look fine, as if nothing had happened, and every morning I wake up hoping to be at Kohnan the destination airfield and that this is all a bad dream. But by now I know it is not. I have been very lucky and it is not wasted on me.
Saying that, there is a Typhoon on its way with the eye predicted to be over the hospital, midday Monday when I’m discharged, I kid you not. I hope to then travel an hour to Osaka and hope to fly home on Tuesday. But I hardly want to write these words, so as not to jinx or jeopardise events, such is the state of my head.

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