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Count down to my arrival back for Sywell Air Show, I hope!

You want an Update? But there is nothing to update!

Quite a few people from all over the world are now waiting on my news from Japan. They are hoping I will hand out the knowledge of how to fly though Japan in a permit aircraft, just like I did for Russia. The trouble is that ‘I haven’t yet after 6 months’, but I suppose I should explain ‘why not’ so far!’

Remember I had to escape Russia, it was going to snow big time, my visa was expiring in three days and if I got to Japan there was a chance I could continue flying through their winter closer to home. If I stayed in Russia I was stuffed till apparently April or May this year, so I still haven’t lost that much time in reality here in Japan.

After landing in Niigata, a kindly JAL ground crew guy had heard of this $8,000 quote from ‘Universal handling’ and showed me where the customs office was for free. I put in for a flight to Kohnan straight away and went to file a flight plan and almost got to go on. But then the head of the JCAB wrote saying, “Your aircraft might need a special permission!” The word “Might” was very worrying, as surely he should know? There should be no “Might’s” involved at all!


                                                                                                                                       Colin Hales