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Colin Hales and his and his homemade plane... Yes, really! And he's flown it to 22 countries across 5 continents! #ATS2018

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Plenty of Formula 1 air racing news in this month's Light Aircraft Association magazine "Light Aviation". The Air Race 1 World Cup Thailand race is well covered by LAA CEO Steve Slater. Colin Hales receives the Bill Woodhams Trophy and sad news that Fred Marsh, founder and Chairman of the Formula Air Racing Association UK passed away in October. Fred was the first owner of Rollason Beta "Pie in the Sky". Des Hart, Yves Clarke, Colin Hales, Jason Skip Crawford, Justin Phillipson, Thom Richard, Tim Cone, Philip Goforth, Lionel Billy Mgl, Steve Temple, Ryszard Zadow, Jerry Marshall are those who get a mention.

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#TeamColin Update: We're delighted to let you know that Colin is in much better spirits, which is down to the incredible amount of support and well wishes he has received from you all, thank you. What's happened over the last week is starting to settle in.

Colin will undergo surgery on his spine this Wednesday, to pin a split vertebrae back together. He has 2 others that are fractured but these will heal on their own accord hopefully.

The Doctor's believe he'll be up and about 2-3 days after his operation and they would like a medical team, be it in Japan or here in the UK to keep an eye on him for a few weeks, making sure there are no infections caught. #TeamColin's Zanna is trying to arrange medical care here (UK) so as soon as he can walk and board a plane, we will get him back home and help him continue on his road to recovery.

One of the first things Colin wishes to do after his operation is visit the Golf Course he landed in. He has a few dibbits that need taking care of... and he wishes to say thank you for their support and understanding. But, as those of you who have followed Colin on his incredible journey so far will know; he sure loves his team. He can't wait to be reunited with them.
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Wow! We have smashed the Just Giving target in less than a day, we are so eternally grateful to everyone's kind words and donations. Let's keep going!
I have just spoken to Colin (he wasn't too angry with me) and he has said that any extra raised that he doesn't need will go to charity. This is very typical of Colin, always thinking of others. He will also thank each and every one of you when he is recovered.
He is being well looked after, but is in a lot of pain and understandably is feeling very emotional. He has one cracked vertebrae, one damaged and one lumbar vertebrae split in two. He will be having surgery next week, but in the meantime he is in a body cast and is in the emergency ward, unable to move very much.
Thanks, Zanna McKail
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Missed the action from Japan? Make your Monday a little brighter with the best moments. Enjoy!

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Very Impressive. Both John McGuinness and Guy had some time learning the new changes on the bikes and were very open to conversation. The new technology on the bikes allows them to be recharged in 3 hours instead of over night as it was before. Both John and Guy, well we all know it, they were both, top, down to earth blokes, talking about high speed stability and aerodynamics, right up my street and were full of smiles and high spirits. Well worth the trip out to the short 'stop start' quirky little track, hidden away in the Forests 70 K's below Tokyo. Thank you all and to Mugen for the sandwiches and view of the bikes. They are a work of sublime art. The Mr. Honda was there as well and we spoke about our flying interests. A superb day. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Guy testing the Mugen Shinden Roku soon in Japan. If anyone’s around the Sodegaura Forest Raceway in Japan on the 10th or 11th April, Mugen said come along and see the bike on track, weather permitting of course. Guy said the Mugen set up in Milton Keynes is spot on and he can't wait to get on his own bike. #GuyMartin

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Fredy preparing for our flight to Japan. ... See MoreSee Less

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