I’m Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Well, that only took 7 months, but I have been issued all my three Article application flight permissions.

So with Tota Ueno, who is Aviation Olympos’s test pilot ‘to be’, we filled out more application documents ourselves and walked down to the JCAB office and did what I should have done 6 months ago but was advised not to, by going through their door and handing them in myself.

I got flight permission into Macau and into the Philippines and along with the other Articles which were cleared one at a time, first being 28 and then 11 and finally 127, we finally have permission to fly through Japan.

The pilots and companies who have agreed to help me at Kohnan, Kagoshima and one of the Japanese Islands either Okinawa or Ishigaki are ready and all we are doing now is waiting on the weather to clear to the west. They actually have had catastrophic down pours, the worst on record with up to 68 mm of rain falling an hour, for many hours, which brought flash floods and landslides and now there is a small Typhoon heading that way as well. So we have to wait a while, but soon I hope to fly on, maybe Tuesday.

At the weekend, Tota and I went to service the plane and start the engine and tidy up the brakes. So the aircraft is ready again. We just have to get the weather to play ball and possibly off we go… That is where we are….

Colin Hales.