So what is next!

So what is next!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce the start of my new and latest career. Please share on Facebook to anyone you think might like to know.

Initially and for one night only, I will appear as the warm up act for the ‘West Side Jersey Boys’, who are the band who will entertain the crowds gathered at the LAA Rally at Sywell on Saturday night 2nd September.

I would like to give a ‘No Bars’ account of my journey along with all the things that couldn’t go to print. My talks are well acclaimed and too long, but this is only for an hour, so should be bearable if it is raining outside.

This is a bold move from the LAA. Originally I had requested an hour pencilled in with the mike, as Saturday, at the LAA Rally, was supposed to be my triumphant home coming and return to the UK on this date to end my KR2 Worldtour. But as the tour is temporarily on extended hold and the hour was still pencilled in, I asked if I could still say a few words.

You may wonder how I am going to entertain the crowds, considering I’ve just spread my aircraft along a Japanese golf course, but these sad events will not be dwell’d upon and there were many humorous adventures that had happened, that I would like to talk about, before I arrived in Japan. I have some good to excellent material to work with. This isn’t the ‘Full Monty’ account, that is for the book, but if you really want to know how I actually got to fly through Russia, it would be worth attending.

Also if you would like to attend, bring a pen and paper along to write down some very important numbers.

Many people have already commented that they will be mortified to miss this comedy act, so it will be filmed and be able to be seen all over the world, no doubt translated into many languages, so if you would like to heckle, no swearing please.

I’m looking forward to Saturday 7:pm, it will be ‘bitter sweet’ for me, no doubt a few tears and quiet moments, but its something I would like to do and I’m sure you will all walk away from the talk with the words, “Well I never knew that!” as most people have before. My journey should be positively thought of and there will hopefully be a lot more adventures and adventurers to cheer about at Sywell that weekend.

I hope to be at Sywell both days to thank you all for your support of what was my journey of a life time.

Colin Hales.