Pilot – Colin Hales

Hi, my name is Colin Hales. I’m a commercial pilot and I also run my own aviation maintenance company in the UK. I maintain, service, and repair all types and makes of general aviation aircraft, including homebuilt aircraft, vintage, sport and race planes.

In September 2001, along with a friend, I flew down to Australia via the Middle East and South East Asia. The aircraft, a Rand KR2, was the smallest homebuilt aircraft to fly that distance away from its home base. Click here to read more about that journey, or click here to watch the video.


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Over the years I’ve built up my maintenance skills and experience and think I’ve gained a good reputation for excellence. as I’ve been invited to work on some rare, prestigious and extreme aircraft in my time. www.richgoodwinairshows.com/#!blank-2/gxssc

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Growing up in the pitlane, I watched my father and his friends race Thundersport Saloon cars, which they had designed and built themselves, or fly their own design model aircraft from Sutton Park.


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For my first car I rebuilt my fathers 1967 GTM kit car and then set about building my own more powerful version. I raced karts for a while but as soon as I could I took up the challenge of the ‘Third Dimension’ obtaining my glider pilots licence and soon after my pilots licence.


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My other great passions are travelling (I’ve backpacked around the world a couple of times now), and racing, either mountain bikes or hovercraft, or anything that moves really. Being quite competitive, I’m not happy if I’m not first!

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Basically, I don’t take life too seriously, I just enjoy life by having as


much fun as possible!

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Photos from the journey.

Yuzhno Sakhalinsk – Russia

Without the suit I’d freeze!

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